Article Submission - Procedure

Author's Guidelines

  • Articles on all aspects of agriculture and allied sciences/Multidisciplinary field (as per the ICAR regulations) will be accepted for publication.
  • The article with the content of 2-5 pages is invited for publication. No Article should be submitted in PDF format so the articles must be in .doc/.docx).
  • The manuscript should be in clear concise English, typewritten in MS- Word format of A4 size white paper with at least 2.5 cm margin to all sides.
  • Prospective authors are invited to submit articles including accurate title, authors/Co-Authors name, abstract, introduction, body, tables, figures, and references.
  • Submitted manuscripts will be acknowledged if fulfill our terms and conditions.
  • Manuscripts should be typed in MS Word format with Times New Roman with font size 12 and 1.5 spacing.
  • The title of the article, review article, book reviews, short communications, and success stories must be brief and clear to summarize and indicate the contents of the article.

  • Article should be bifurcated into the following sections


    Article should be followed by name of the authors/ affiliation, and mailing address including the e-mail of the corresponding author. It should be bold and each word should capitalize.


    It includes a short informative summary with a single paragraph, not exceeding 100-120 words of the principal points.


    It should be brief and introduce the article in clear terms. Key references related to the work must be cited.


    Then the main body of the article should describe in different paragraphs and subheadings as required.


    It should provide a summary and the objective of the articles should be accurately presented for readers. In this section, the author(s) should also briefly discuss the limitations and future scope for work.


    Tables and Figures provide the attraction of your article so must be numbered with figure numbers like Table 1, Fig.1…. and their approximate position in the text indicated. It is the author's responsibility to provide a suitable table, figures, and drawings, editors will publish as it is whatever you have to send. Tables and Figures should be typed on separate sheets. It should have a descriptive short heading in lower case, which starts with the word "Table" or “Figure" Their place in the text should be indicated. The photographs should be of high quality in JPEG or TIFF format. All photographs should carry a descriptive caption.


    The references mentioned in the article shall be quoted under each section and must be cited fully in the reference section. References will help to avoid us from future troubles.
    The citation of the references should specific as below:-
    i. The citation of text by name followed by the year of publication. For Example William (2019), Watson et al. (2019), (Joshi 1984; Flachowsky 2011; Watson et al. 2019).
    ii. The references should be listed in alphabetical order.
    iii. Author’s names to be written in normal sequence, with surnames first, followed by initials, a period, and year (followed by a period).
    iv. Standard abbreviation for journal name and the full book title is preferred.
    v. The volume of the Journal should be in the boldface followed by colon and page numbers/DOI. numbers.
    1. Miller P. A. and Marani A. 1963. Heterosis and combining ability in diallel crosses of upland cotton Gossypium hirsutum L. Crop Sci., 3: 441-444.
    2. Flachowsky H, Pierre-Marie L. R., Peil A., Patocchi A., Richter K. and Hanke M. 2011. Application of a high-speed breeding technology to apple (Malus X Domestica) based on transgenic early flowering plants and marker-assisted selection. New Phytologist., 192: 364–377.

    Terms & Condition

    1). The author is solely responsible for plagiarism if found in their content. No member of Agri Meet (Multidisciplinary e-Magazine) will responsible for the violation of copyright and rules and regulations of IPR.
    2). Every month's date of 25 will be the last date of submission which will be given at the bottom of the home page. After the due date, your article will be accepted but published in the next issue because the composer and designer need sufficient time to release the issue of e-Magazine.
    3). Article submissions other than the prescribed format will not be processed.
    4). Plagiarism free Manuscripts with proper references are accepted.
    5). Agri Meet Multidisciplinary e-Magazine has all the right to accept, reject, and modify the articles into short communication or also addition and deletion of pictures as per convenience.

    Publish Your Articles

  • The authors are requested to strictly follow the author's guidelines before submission of the article.
  • The author should submit their articles at or
  • After submission, if the Editor or reviewer requests a revision in his decision, then do the necessary corrections and opt for resubmission.
  • After the article acceptance, an authorization or declaration certificate is significantly signed by the author, which is describing their role in the article and taking responsibility for all disputes if arises from their content in the article.
  • The best article is rewarded with the certificate to appreciate the contribution.
  • Sample Format for Submission of articles.
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