About Us


The basic need for living comes from agriculture, this makes it the key occupation of the globalized world. India is an agrarian country contributing the majority of its share in this sector. The new era of modernization is full of technologies and innovation, which increases the pace of development in all senses. The application of these emerging innovations could be possible through awareness and instant reach in public domains. Although, the advancement in the last two decades had covered the maximum possible ground of Indian agriculture.

Malnutrition and frequent famine which were the major concern of that time had now come to an end and now we have sufficient nourishment for our population. But the extensive mechanization, depletion of resources, increasing population, and changing climatic conditions come out as a drastic concern for society. The improper knowledge and unawareness about low-cost sustainable resource utilization is the primary cause of hazardous situations. Apart from this, the sudden pandemic attack of 2020 is nature's call to boost the transforming media and get a quick solution.


Agri Meet e-Magazine is an open-access peer-reviewed e-magazine which got launched on 02 November 2020. Agri Meet e-Magazine is well aware of the aspect that scientific agricultural literature dissemination is a crucial step to grow Indian agriculture. Our only objective and vision are to provide content-rich communication of information. This platform is to link the basic cultivation with the advancement of technology, the farm sectors with innovative possibilities, and widespread knowledge like an epidemic in society. The carving of the sculpture of the Indian economy begins with the base stone which is agriculture. The broadening of vision is the only mission.

Our Domains of Publication


The innovative intellect and experiences in these branches of science are invited for the publications. This sharing of knowledge is a way to achieve immortality.

  • Agronomy
  • Horticulture
  • Soil Sciences
  • Plant Pathology
  • Entomology
  • Zoology
  • Food & Dairy Technology
  • Genetics & Breeding
  • Bio-Sciences / Life-Sciences
  • Biotechnology & Biochemistry
  • Ag. Biotechnology & Ag. Biochemistry
  • Animal Sciences
  • Fisheries/Veterinary Sciences
  • Agricultural Engineering and Precision Farming
  • Environmental Science & Forestry
  • Organic Farming and Seri culture
  • Agribusiness management

    The purpose of Agri Meet e-academy is to liberate the inherent competence of agriculture. The magazine scrutinizes famous, prominent, and current concerns associating with multidisciplinary approaches of agriculture and allied sectors. Plant breeding, Biotechnology, Agrotechnologies, horticulture, organic farming, Hi-tech farming, extensive research and marketing of high-quality products, food processing, and many more such slants are part of the agrarian regime, and our sole responsibility to spread the awareness to the agrarian society. The accomplishment of goals signifies the moment in the right direction. And this could be proved through the following features:-

  • The peer review is independent.
  • The article selected by editor and reviewer board members is properly checked for authenticity and plagiarism.
  • This is an open-access channel publish in the form of an e-magazine.
  • Vision & Mission


    Effective and content-rich communication of information is of vital priority. Broad prospect on the advancement of new and innovative possibilities in the farm sector and its related areas has become highly important, consequently, Agri Meet Multidisciplinary e-Magazine, helps in disseminating such information to the grassroots and to all such agencies, institutes, organizations and stakeholders in the industry, abreast them with the latest developments in the field of agriculture and agribusiness.

    The mission of Agri Meet Multidisciplinary e-Magazine is to provide an independent, authentic, high quality, and peer-reviewed platform to publish articles related to Agriculture and concerned allied sciences about the latest innovations globally. Our magazine offers a platform and broad coverage for agriculture researchers and scientists for deliberating connecting throughout India and globally. For the agriculture students endowed with an inquisitive mind and driven by professional goals, this magazine will be a voyage of discovery.